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Episode 13 - Glenn McCrory, World Champion Boxer, talks to Danny Naylor about his career and the opening of the Glenn McCrory Sports Bar at Stonham Barns Park

February 09, 2022 Stonham Barns Park
Stonham Barns Park Podcast
Episode 13 - Glenn McCrory, World Champion Boxer, talks to Danny Naylor about his career and the opening of the Glenn McCrory Sports Bar at Stonham Barns Park
Show Notes

Danny Naylor talks to boxing star Glenn McCrory -  former British , Commonwealth and World Cruiserweight Champion. Glenn talks about his incredible career, the people and boxing super stars he's met over the years, and his exciting plans for events and the opening of the Glenn McCrory Sports bar at Stonham Barns Park.

Glenn watched his first boxing fight at the age of 12. It was Mohammed Ali vs George Foreman - and he watched Mohammed Ali claim that he was going to win the fight before he stepped into the ring. This single match alone inspired Glenn to become a boxer! He  turned professional at just 18 years old and went to his  first pro fight in London - he'd never been to London and never seen a pro fight live - yet he was in the ring! Glenn talks about his first fight and the nerves and fear - going up against a 3 time champion - find out how that fight went as he talks about that moment!

13 to 14 fights later and still undefeated - he kept pushing and fighting hard - he took a fight he shouldn't have been in - was knocked out and his manager dropped him after putting him into fights he couldn't win. Glenn knew he shouldn't have been there - his manager was training him to save money - and Glenn thought at that point - career over.

Glenn got ill, went home, and lost weight during a short illness - Mohammed Ali - said 'mark my words' - you'll (Glenn) be world champion one day!' Glenn realised he must have the talent for him to say that - he was just in the wrong weight division . He got a new manager later and fought at a different weight. He won the commonwealth title and the British champion title. Evander Holyfield stepped down from the title at time  - and Glenn knew it was finally his time to go for the biggest title of them all - World Champion.

That legendary fight took place in Stanley, his home town - in front of 1000's of local fans.  He'd achieved the impossible - he won the World Title..... but the dream was over by the following morning - find out why!

Glenn talks about the immense support from his family and love for his adopted brother David. David was not well, he was given a life expectancy of 16 - but lived to 29 and was ringside that famous night when he won the world title. He felt he won the title for David and for his family - as well as the people of Stanley.

Following his amazing career, Glenn became a boxing presenter - andnever looked back from there! Glenn commentated ring-side of some of the biggest fights ever.

Glenn met Alan Forward (Stonham Barns Park owner) a few years ago.  Alan and Glenn became great friends and Glenn visited Stonham Barns Park, loved everything about it and saw a huge opportunity to be part of it. The Glenn McCrory Sports bar was born! Glenn talks about Stonham Barn's exciting plans to create a fabulous sports bar, alongside some super events and theatre - and is planning to make some incredible memories in the Suffolk countryside. Plans are already in place, building work has started and Glenn will be replicating Las Vegas events and big sports night - and he'll be inviting some big names! There are plenty of further plans to develop fantastic family activities too!

We look forward to the opening of the Glenn McCory Sports Bar later this year - keep listening to our future podcast episodes for more chats with Glenn and news on those special events!

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